The key elements of our service - predominantly physiotherapy, golf fitness and strength & conditioning - work together to hone the athlete's body to ensure it is able to deliver what is needed to succeed on the golf course.

Your body is the engine of your golf.

Play free of pain and injury


We specialise in treating, managing and preventing golf-related injuries. With a strong track record for resolving difficult issues and a network of consultants for when physiotherapy is not appropriate.

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Our golf fitness training programmes are designed specifically for your body. To develop strength, power and stability; to address weakness; increase agility and build endurance.

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Online Golf Fitness
Access elite level support

Online GOLF fitness

Following the success of the lockdown training delivered to our elite clients, we have launched online golf fitness training to enhance our service. Dedicated golfers at all stages of their golfing journey can now access tour level support and guidance.

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Understand your movement dna


We undertake biomechanical and physiological testing; the quantitative results of which form the basis of our programmes. The numbers we gather relate to your body composition; the way you create your golf swing; your physical movement and limitations.

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Fuel your body for golf

Sports nutrition

Sports nutrition is an important piece of the puzzle for all athletes. Nutrition specific to golfers’ needs can enhance performance in both the short and long term. Healthy nutrition and adequate hydration delivers steady energy, improved cognition, reduced systemic inflammation and improved immunity to support health and career performance.

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Access leading athlete healthcare

Sports Medicine & PHYSIOLOGY

The overall health and wellbeing of our clients, particularly that of our elite professionals, is critical to their golf performance and underpins everything we do.

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Ways to work with us

We can work in whatever way suits your life, your budget and your game. Our services can be accessed in a variety of ways - online, face to face, at our gym facility, on tour or at home.

Adhoc appointments

Available at our facility in Yorkshire, online or on tour.

Regular programming

On tour, online, face to face, in your gym, in our gym facility or at home.

Long term support

This can be a combination of on tour, hands on, online, face to face and in the gym support.

Day packages

Available at our facility in Yorkshire.


Nurturing the
next generation
of elite golfers

The search is on to identify 10 highly talented, motivated and ambitious young golfers to join our exclusive tour level golf fitness and physiotherapy support programme.

Those selected will have their career development overseen by Rob Hobkinson, strength and conditioning coach and physiotherapist currently working exclusively with players on the European Tour and PGA Tour.

Subsidised places available!
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