Fuelling your body with suitable nutrition and hydration for competitive success on the golf course should not be overlooked as part of your preparation.

Due to the nature of the sport, golfers are best served by a steady stream of energy which the body can access during a 7-mile, 5-hour round.  Nutrition and hydration are crucial in helping to maintain concentration; promoting strong decision making; improving stamina and helping players to manage the stress and nerves experienced when standing over that 10 ft putt for birdie.

For elite professionals, add to this the demands of intense heat (or intense cold), long tiring days, regular gym training, peaks of stress and a gruelling schedule of international travel and all gains are valuable.

Our partner Sports Nutritionist - Andi Bair - can help support you in preparing your body for essential training and a successful round.

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Andi Bair, is our Sports Nutrition Consultant. Andi is a registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a background in both Nutritional Sciences and Exercise Physiology. In addition, she is a Board Certified Specialist of Sports Dietetics (CSSD) which means she has additional hours of hands-on experience working with collegiate, professional and other elite athletes.

Andi has spent her career working in the US focussed on the nutritional needs of athletes, both collegiate and professional. Most notably working with professional mixed martial arts athletes at the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in Vegas and a professional ice hockey team in the US. She has also worked closely with college football players, swimmers and track and field athletes.

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