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The overall health and wellbeing of our clients is critical to their golf performance and underpins everything we do.  

Specialist Sports Doctor, Alan Kourie, works with our players to diagnose and treat underlying health issues rapidly so that they do not become a bigger issue. Baseline normative values of health are different between a sporting and general population and the Sports Doctor is the decision maker for those norms for the athlete.

Scans, injections and blood analysis can be ordered within our network to ensure a quick resolution.  

We can offer a broad range of tests and services:

  • scans
  • injections
  • blood analysis
  • genomics.

We have an extensive network of consultant surgeons – knee, hip, wrist, specialists - to whom we can refer patients when physiotherapy is not appropriate.

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Dr Alan Kourie

Dr Alan Kourie

Sports doctor

Alan is a Sports Physician from South Africa, currently Head of Sports and Exercise Medicine at Mediclinic Hospital in Dubai.

Prior to this he was the full-time Team Doctor for a professional rugby team in South Africa (The Sharks) for 6 years. His interests lie in the general health and well-being of athletes, their recovery modalities and performance optimisation. He is currently busy with a Precision Medicine Fellowship to better personalise this approach for individual athletes based on the genomics and comprehensive blood work.

As a Sports Physician, he endeavours to accurately diagnose injuries and prepare the best treatment plan for his athletes. This involves a close relationship and network of top Sports Physiotherapist's, Sports Orthopaedic Surgeons, Sports Podiatrists and specialist Musculoskeletal Radiologists. He is a triathlete and keen golfer, ever-frustrated with not being able to play enough.

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