Golf Injuries

Treating, managing and preventing golf-related injuries.

Is injury affecting your game?
Are you struggling with golfer’s elbow?
Lower back pain? Wrist soreness?

Chartered Physiotherapist Rob Hobkinson specialises in treating and managing golf-related injuries, with a strong track record for resolving difficult issues.

With Rob you really will be in the best hands. And if he can’t help, or physiotherapy is not the best route, we definitely know someone who will be able to help you. We will also support your referral to the right health care professional.

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Golf Injury
Golf Physiotherapy

Don’t just take our word for it.

What does Twitter Legend and European Tour Winner Eddie Pepperell think?

“Rob is exceptionally professional, both with regards to time management and level of care. You won’t leave until he sorted what’s wrong!

From my perspective as a golf professional and having had back and wrist issues in my career before working with Rob, he has helped me eliminate all pain through good movement and a better understanding of what the problem actually is. Therefore, my self-diagnosis has also improved. He is one of the best.”

Eddie Pepperell
Eddie Pepperell

It's not just the professionals who trust us with their careers...

“My son Matt was out of the game for 2 months with muscular skeletal issues, despite having regular treatment elsewhere.

A couple of sessions with Rob and he was soon playing again pain-free.

Furthermore, the introduction of a golf specific fitness programme has not only prevented any recurrence of his issues, but has improved his general health and his golf swing."

Liam Wharldall, Father of Junior Golfer Matt Wharldall
Liam Wharldall, Father of
Junior Golfer Matt Wharldall
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