We are proud to work with a range of specialist partners to ensure we deliver the highest quality service to all our clients.

Our service partners include:

Oli Williamson - PHysiotherapist

Oli is an experienced sports physiotherapist working on a daily basis for British Triathlon as well as practicing privately at well known sports physiotherapy clinic CSPC in Leeds. Oli also provides domestic and international event/competition physiotherapy for British Athletics and England Athletics throughout the year.

His previous roles include working in other elite sport settings such as Leeds Carnegie RFU, Badminton England, as well as working closely on an individual basis with professional golfers competing upon the European and Challenge tours.

Due to Oli’s involvement in elite and high performance sport, he understands the demands and necessity for athletes to maximise their “availability to train”. Therefore his treatment and interventions aim to reduce future injury risk and optimise performance gains where possible. This is achieved by combining his knowledge from both sports science and physiotherapy to work with athletes’ coaches and support staff to ensure patients are treated, optimised and returned to functional activity as quickly as possible.

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Sports Psychologist, Katie Page, works with a wide range of athletes from Olympic, Paralympic, English team, Professional, National, University, County and Amateur level.

Clients have included: Dame Kelly Holmes DBE, MBE – Double gold Olympic Champion runner; Jessica Ennis-Hill CBE - Olympic gold medallist; Katy Sexton MBE - World  Champion swimmer; 
Zoe Baker - 4 time World Record Holder & Commonwealth Champion swimmer; Nick Gillingham MBE – Double gold Olympic Champion swimmer.

Katie is qualified in sports psychology and multiple mind and body techniques from all over the world. She then moved out to America and developed corporate mind coaching programs with Dr Spencer Johnson, International bestselling author, working with over half of the fortune 500 companies.

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DEXA body composition measurement. Bodyscan uses the very latest, medically developed DEXA (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) technology to quickly and accurately measure the amount of body fat, lean tissue and bone in each major part of an athlete's body – arms, legs and trunk.

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BRAND Partners include:

At Peak Golf Performance we have always loved the Under Armour clothes and brand; we are therefore proud to be working with Under Armour on a golf fitness project in 2015.

When the whole world is watching...every advantage matters.

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Oakley Prizm™ Lenses: The Science Behind Prizm™ Golf

Rob at Peak Golf Performance was lucky enough to get hold of a pair of these fantastic golf specific lenses just after they were launched this year. The Prizm™ golf lenses have been developed to fine-tune vision for specific sports and environments by emphasising colours where the eye is most sensitive to detail, and improve performance and safety by enhancing vision.

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