Our work

To compete at the highest level today's golfers are - or should be - finely honed athletes.

A body in peak physical condition for golf gives: the endurance to cope with the intensive tournament schedule; the power to generate high clubhead speeds; the stability to conquer uneven lies; the flexibility to achieve the optimal swing position and the agility to produce dynamic changes of direction.  

So we know what attributes the perfect golfing body would have, but how do we make this a reality? 

At Peak Golf Performance we work with clients to identify what unique combination of these attributes they already have, and build programmes to maximise their strengths and eradicate their weaknesses. 

"Every sport evolves. Every sport gets bigger and more athletic and you have to keep up." Tiger Woods

How do you achieve this?

This involves more than just a simple gym programme to build golf fitness. Yes, a well planned and executed fitness programme is important, but only if it is designed to complement the specific needs of the game of golf, the athlete and of course their technical work. Ideally, it should also sit within a structured performance plan which takes into account the rigorous tournament and technical training schedule.

At Peak Golf Performance we develop and roll out holistic long term performance plans, firmly based on data analysis to set the golfing athlete on the path to success.